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If you are trying to find a responsible and trained expert who has what it takes to provide you with an effective and lasting solution, we are here for you! J & A Plumbing Co is one of the leading residential and commercial plumbing service providers in Midwest City, OK, and you can see what the local community thinks of us by visiting our Google+ page. Just click on the image below!

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So personable and reliable!! Highly recommended.

Capable professionals!


My mother and sister live together in our old house. For the last two months, they had some serious leaking issues with their plumbing, and this is why they asked for my help. Upon a closer inspection of the issues, I realized that I had to find a reliable plumbing repair company, and I found your business on the Internet. Your services were professional and prompt, thank you for helping!

Outstanding plumbing work.


I have two children, aged seven and nine. Those little rascals love to play with water; unfortunately, they love to play with the taps as well. In fact, one day I discovered that they have messed so much with the kitchen sink, that it seriously started to leak. I opened my laptop and started looking for a proper plumbing repair company. I am very satisfied with your services; you did a prompt and professional job, thank you!

Happy to work with you!


I have a construction business that often deals with the rebuilding of damaged houses. In most cases, some basic systems need to be completely replaced, and plumbing is one of them; however, in cases like these, we have to search for a reliable commercial plumbing service provider. We value your partnership and incredible services, and I hope to continue working with you in the future!

Thank you!


My restaurant was closed for a couple of weeks for renovations; however, the interior was not the only thing that needed to be made anew. It turned out, that there were some serious issues with my plumbing, and I had to find someone who could help me solve them. After spending some time looking for an experienced commercial plumbing service provider, I found your business. I am more than impressed with the results you delivered, thank you very much!

Fast and reliable!


My sister lives in the house next door, and as you can imagine, I drop by pretty often in order to help her with the maintenance. This time, however, the issues with her plumbing system were too much for me to handle. I called a friend from work and asked him if he could help me with finding a professional residential plumber, and he gave me your contact details. You did an amazing job, thank you!

Remarkable work!


There was clearly something wrong with the plumbing system in my garage. I use the sink there after performing repairs on my car, and everything was fine until one day the water started flowing really slowly. I couldn't find any issue, so I decided to look for a residential plumber who could help me. Our company came highly recommended, and I am glad that I found you, thanks for fixing everything!

Thank you so much!


I needed a professional plumbing replacement service badly. There were several leaks around my house, and the loss of water pressure had become so common, that I rarely got a steady flow of water. It was time to bring in a qualified expert for the job, so I started looking on the Internet for help. You guys did an amazing job, thank you very much!



My brother and I decided to buy an old house and restore it as part of a DIY project. Everything went smoothly until the point where we found out that the house's plumbing was in peril. We pride ourselves on being capable men; however, this task required the help of a qualified plumbing replacement specialist. Your company came very highly recommended, so we decided to give you a call. We are very impressed with your work, thank you!

Outstanding work.


For quite some time, I had some issues with the valves of the bathroom sink. It seemed to me that with every passing day, they became harder to turn on and off, up to the point that I could barely turn the tap on. This was definitely a job for a qualified plumber, and this is why I started looking for one on the Internet. I found your company relatively fast, and I am glad that I did - thank you for installing a new sink battery!

5.0 13 So personable and reliable!! Highly recommended.

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