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Is There More than One Type of Plumber?

What Exactly Does a Master Plumber Do?

A master plumber is someone that is licensed and installs and repairs numerous commercial and residential systems. They could specialize in designing new systems, installing or fitting pipes, or doing repairs and maintenance on fixtures and appliances. They are sometimes self employed, although most work for government, construction firms and even plumbing supply stores.

Plumbing experts are crucial for the design and construction of commercial, and residential systems. Engineers will sometimes work with a master plumber to draw up blueprints for new systems, and calculating the cost of installing these systems. Plumbers who are involved in the design will allocate all the material, and lead an installation crew. After the construction, they will perform an in-depth inspection to make sure everything is working properly and conforms with all the plumbing codes.

Homes and businesses need the skills of these experts to install and repair pipes, fixtures and appliances. They will follow blueprints and local building codes when installing numerous fixtures, ranging from bathtubs to sinks. When pipes or appliances cease to function correctly, the plumber will check a system, identify the problem, and do any replacements or repairs which are necessary.

These experts must be knowledgeable on all the different aspects of plumbing, although some specialize in one area. Pipelayers, for instance, are responsible for installing pipes of different sizes that will be used for transporting gas and water. They will connect the pipes between water mains or sewers to different facilities.

To be a master plumber, an individual must first obtain an associate degree. Most experts start their careers as an apprentice, where they will help seasoned plumbers for around 4 or 5 years to learn the trade. After the completion of this, they can start to work independently and prepare for their licensing exam. Written exams will test a person’s plumbing knowledge, in addition to their understanding of plumbing codes and regulations.

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