How Does a Plumber Stop Minor Leaks?

When Will a Plumber Use Plumbing Tape?

Plumbing is the joining and connecting complex systems of pipes, in such a manner, they can safely transport various fluids from one place to another. However, no matter how durable they are, there will be times when a professional plumber will have to reinforce joints or patch up leaks. Pipes that go around sharp bends, are old, or ones that are under tremendous pressure are usually the most likely candidates for using plumber’s tape. Plumbers regularly use two products referred to as tape in order to stop problems and keep the integrity on different piping systems.

In spite of their name, these products aren’t sticky in any way, unlike their counterparts. They are used the same though, which means they bind things together and are also easier and much more forgiving than pipe glue, or other products. Teflon and metal tapes will be housed on a roll and are able to be measured and cut to any required length.

Plumber’s tape, which is referred to as Teflon, is mainly used to seal pipe threads to stop or prevent leaks. This is a thin, white or cream colored tape, which is used to fill in gaps found between pipe threads and acts like a lubricant when tightening fittings. It’s fairly simple to use; however, there are some tips which will make the application much easier. A plumber begins by wrapping the tape around threads and should never wrap tape past the end of the pipe, as this could break free, and clog up a system. They must also put a few loops of tape around the end of a pipe, before wrap all the threads.

Experts advise also that plumbers wrap the tape using the same direction they will be tightening the fitting to the pipe. If the tape is wound in the other direction, it will come off when the fitting is screwed on. The tape must be tight when it is wound onto a pipe, thus enabling it to sink deep into the threads.

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