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J & A Plumbing Co offers quality plumbing repair and other services to our customers. We are based in Midwest City, OK and are always ready to help you solve the problems that your plumbing system may have. If you need a local commercial plumber, turn to us, and we will provide you with the dependable service that will help you run your business smoothly.

Commercial PlumberCommercial plumbing calls for a different set of skills than those which are used in residential projects. We have what it takes to the job right. Well-acquainted with the plumbing systems of office buildings, street malls, restaurants, gas stations, etc., we are able to fix any issue that they may have.

The drain systems in restaurant kitchens, for example, are designed in a different way than those in residential facilities. The same applies to toilets and sinks. We know how to work with these and will do an excellent job on your project, while observing the pressure requirements of the local code.

Commercial plumbing systems require specialized knowledge of water and vacuum pressure, as well as the right faucets, to just a few. Also, special professional equipment and tools are required to work on these problems. We are properly equipped to handle the plumbing issues of your business.

With us, you can always enjoy an environment that is conductive to the successful functioning of your company. We are able to handle a variety of projects – from repair and replacement to new construction, slab leak repairs, collapsed drain replacement, and cable cleaning. When all systems of your business are in excellent condition, you are able to make profit and prosper. Allow us to contribute to your success by providing the services of a commercial plumber any time you need them.

You will find J & A Plumbing Co, of Midwest City, OK, at (405) 520-3828.

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Based in Midwest City, OK, J & A Plumbing Co provides professional commercial plumbing services at reasonable prices. Contact us - (405) 520-3828 and get the service you deserve.

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